A guide to creating your own morning ritual

How to use the most serene and productive hours of the day

Building and following a morning routine is an essential process for self-growth. A successful start of the day structures the whole day ahead.

Instead of focusing on what to do in the morning, I will teach you how to start your morning rituals and be consistent to make them a habit.

I have been practicing it for 3 months and I have never had so much progress in my projects and my identity sculpting.

Why morning rituals are important

Starting your day with a morning ritual is a way to grow and ensure the best performance.

Instead of mindless actions, your structured morning routine will…

Wondering why you feel unmotivated and procrastinate? Turns out the midbrain’s reward system economy is responsible for such behavior.

Learning the reward system economy behind motivation boosted my productivity and consistency in my long-term goals.

When disorders, damaged receptors, and low dopamine levels cause procrastination, hardly any helpful technique will improve your motivation. The impairment of the dopamine reward system is serious and can take a lot of time and effort to train and restore.

Motivation is a way for the brain to guide your behavior based on the value and the cost of the task.

However, once you learn…

No more 15mb file limit

If you like the digital world, automating stuff and making it smart, then you are in the right place. I have tried to use a digital resume made in Notion and it proved to be effective and superior to traditional ones.

In this article, I am going to explain why creating a digital resume has a lot of advantages over a traditional CV and show you how to make yours in Notion.

You can follow along the tutorial and build the resume from scratch or support me and get the whole notion resume template.


After 5 intense years in China, I was ready to move to Europe. My long time goal was on its way. However, before the final step, I decided to take a break and get some rest to make a fresh start. That decision ended up being essential to my health, self-growth, and life in general.

What is a sabbatical leave?

A sabbatical is a Biblical practice according to which people had to take a break from work every 7 years. The modern concept is similar. People take an extended leave from a career to fulfill a goal, study, or travel. …

It has been 11 years since I started my architectural career path. I went from studying at a relatively good university in Russia to a career in one of the best firms in Germany. There have been many things that I would do differently, if I go back in time, and I would like to share my experience so that you do not make the same mistakes and learn something useful.

Should I study architecture?

A lot of people, including myself, study architecture without a proper understanding of the field and the profession. It is a crucial question to ask before choosing a career…

When I first learned about Swift MVVM architecture, it took some time to understand it. In this article, I will try to explain, as a beginner to a beginner, what is Swift MVVM as simply as possible.

What, Why and How of MVVM

Although MVVM is not new, the latest introduction of SwiftUI led to changes in the architecture as well. Since SwiftUI is declarative, as opposed to the UIKit, it needed to reflect those changes. MVVM stands for Model-View-ViewModel. Let’s see what does that means one by one.

Most of the MVVM articles were too advanced or assumed you have prior knowledge of Swift architectures…

An introduction to Swift iOS development

In this article, I will explain why learning iOS development in Swift is an excellent choice for beginners.

When you google “first programming language to learn”, the most common answer you can find is Python.

In this article, I will explain why learning iOS development in Swift is a better option for beginners.

I started my journey in iOS development in May 2020 and I am on my final steps to publish my first app in the Appstore. Since I have experience in both Python and Swift I can argue that the latter is much more fun and exciting. Especially as an introduction to programming.

What is Swift?

Swift is an open-source programming language used for creating iOS, macOS, and watchOS…

Two or three years ago, I decided to build a blog to write and share ideas. Due to my past detrimental strife for perfectionism, I spent months refining it and adding features that were aesthetic and did not add value to the result. As a consequence, I ended up writing a few articles and stopped. I learned several things and made things differently.

Different Approach

Two months ago, after reading an inspirational post about starting a blog, I came back to the idea and made things differently. First, I set a goal. And second, I focused on things that matter: content over…

Many times I used to be in a position where I would react in a certain negative way only to understand later that I misjudged the situation and should have acted differently. The problem is that the mere experience would not let me act differently. It would be all the same: the reaction is so powerful that it overshadows the experience. Understanding the underlying sources of my false response and using a mental model helped me to avoid and resolve conflicts easier.

First Reaction

A reaction is the result of your beliefs and worldview. Usually, we dear them, and anything threatening makes…

For a long time, I could not get hold of my goals, aspirations, and tasks. I wanted to build certain habits such as consistent reading, morning exercising, scheduling, and so on. I kept them always in my head and I would hardly take action. My life took another direction once I started my morning and evening routines.

Trigger the Change

Everyone has healthy goals, but very few take action on them. I was one of the many. The more I delayed actions, the more guilt I felt. It was an endless cycle that was difficult to break.

My problem was that I considered…

Ayk Martirosyan

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